EUB Consulting Group


Public Sector

Providing expert consulting services to the public sector. Our team is dedicated to helping government organizations achieve their goals.

Economic Analysis and Development

Our expert economists provide comprehensive economic analysis and strategic guidance to governments and public institutions, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable economic growth.

Climate Change Solutions

We specialize in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, assisting governments in developing resilience plans, implementing sustainable practices, and meeting international climate commitments.

Agriculture and Food Security

Leveraging our deep understanding of agricultural systems, we offer solutions to enhance food security, increase agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable farming practices, benefiting both rural communities and national economies.

Healthcare Services

Our healthcare experts collaborate with public health agencies and ministries to improve healthcare delivery, strengthen health systems, and address pressing public health challenges, ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare services for all citizens.

Education Initiatives

We support governments in designing and implementing education policies especially TVET, improving access to quality education, and enhancing educational outcomes through innovative approaches and capacity-building programs.

Policy Analysis and Implications

Our team conducts rigorous research and policy analysis, assessing the impact of proposed policies and regulatory changes on various sectors of the economy and society. We provide evidence-based recommendations to optimize policy effectiveness and promote socio-economic development

Support for Regional Integration

EUB Consulting Group actively assists governments and regional bodies in fostering regional integration initiatives. We provide expertise in developing cross-border policies, harmonizing regulations, and facilitating collaboration among partner/member states to unlock the economic potential and promote sustainable development within regional blocs.

Private Sector

Tailored consulting solutions for private clients. We understand the unique challenges of the private sector and offer customized services to drive success.

MSMEs Development

Our expertise lies in nurturing the growth and sustainability of Micro Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), providing strategic guidance and operational support to foster success.

Strategic Planning and Development

We collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to formulate robust strategies that align with their vision, objectives, and market dynamics, ensuring long-term viability and competitiveness.

Agribusiness Solutions

Leveraging our deep understanding of the agricultural sector, we provide specialized services to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and capitalize on emerging market opportunities by enhancing on cooperative movement development and ensuring effective and efficient operations

Value Chain Assessment and Development

Through meticulous analysis and strategic interventions, we identify inefficiencies and opportunities across the value chain, enabling clients to enhance value creation and streamline processes.

Proposal and Business Plan Services

Our team excels in crafting compelling proposals and business plans, conducting rigorous evaluations and vetting processes, including on-site assessments, to ensure alignment with objectives and market realities.

Entrepreneurship Support

We offer comprehensive support to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from ideation to execution, providing mentorship, market insights, and strategic guidance to turn visions into successful ventures.

Team Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs empower management teams with the skills and insights necessary to foster collaboration, innovation, and high-performance cultures within organizations.

Project Management Excellence

With a focus on efficiency, quality, and timeliness, we offer end-to-end project management services, overseeing initiatives from inception to completion, and ensuring optimal resource allocation and risk management.

Access to Finance Solutions

We facilitate access to diverse financing options, including loans, grants, and investment opportunities, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to secure the capital needed for growth and expansion.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Through robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks, we enable clients to track progress, measure outcomes, and make data-driven decisions, ensuring the effectiveness and impact of strategies and initiatives.

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